There is a board meeting this morning and a local restaurant will be visited by several jolly old men sporting real beards. I will be there. Some planning for the Tacoma Rainiers game in two weeks where a few dozen Santas will be working with Toys For Tots of Pierce county to gather hundreds of toys at the game.
If you are planning to attend the July 26th game, bring new unwrapped toys and we will cheerfully greet you at the gate.
Have your camera ready, you will cherish the festive photo with Santa in summer.

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We are having an overcast day with little possibility of much sun, but the grass in the western portion of the Evergreen State has wilted.

Why does it turn brown?

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Claims of speaking the truth.


Something to consider as we head into another huge revenue seeking ballot measure. And fat revenue forecast.

At the last board meeting, a commissioner was trying to clarify a matter in the commissioner guidelines about accessibility to having issues brought to the board.

The process works something like this: a member of the public might raise a question to an administration member, fire commissioner or the fire chief, and if the answer does not satisfy them, what alternative do they have? Some would think the matter ends with the person’s response (or lack thereof) without remedy. Others might consider the Public Comment section of the board meeting their only alternative. But this venue also often is passed over (outright ignored) without due review.

According to the guidelines, there is another avenue; put it on the agenda for the next meeting.

Apparently the guidelines have a process for in individual to do exactly that. Presumably, if it is on the agenda, it will get more attention than just a comment. A comment is often heard for the first time at a meeting and unless the answer is immediately known, (it usually is but they can play dumb with supposed surprise) it can be politely shuffled off to eternity.

Not likely if they don’t want to deal with it, but at least the commissioners and the administration have at least 24 hours, possibly 72 hours, to become familiar with it, if any of them are remotely so inclined.


When the Chief speaks

Anyway, while the matter of an individual adding an item to the agenda was being aired, an example, (blogging reports), was mentioned to help clarify when such an action might be requested by the individual.

The example was quickly seized upon by Chief Church as an opportunity for him to declare if you want the Truth, ask him. He will impart the Word to you.

The chief says he wanted to address the issue of bloggers misrepresenting the ‘facts’. Actually he alluded to them more as spreading lies.

And further claimed He is the truth teller of the department. While some of his lacky commissioners bobbled their heads in assent, He reaffirmed if you want the truth, ask Him.

Even the chairman of the board says this is the right process to pursue.

Of course, don’t expect an answer. Any email I sent the Chief has been ignored for months now. Typical.


But let’s hear an example of the Truth as told by the Chief.

However, as to the truth, Chuck Kahler’s nicely restored vintage Kenworth fire truck that the Chief allows to be parked 24/7/365 for years inside a fire station now remains out of public view, even though the Chief Truth Giver claimed it was used many times at public events and to promote good in the community. In sharp contrast to what the Chief says, it has NEVER been to a public event. And of course, the other relic that Chuck Kahler owns still sits behind station 64, is totally unworthy of public display as it sits neglected and rusting away.

Dick Body is the only driver to move any of the antique fire trucks and while his log does not identify which truck he drove, at every occasion mentioned the only classic in view was the Chevrolet/Stanford pumper. This is understandable since it is the only restored fire truck owned by the district.

Meanwhile, both of Chuck Kahler’s privately owned antiques remain on, or inside, publicly owner property at taxpayer expense.

This is the truth and no one at the district has proven it false. Especially not the Chief.

So is it the almighty Chief that is spreading lies, and his ‘dear friends’ the commissioners openly supporting it?

Remember that when he comes asking for tens of millions for new equipment. Is it really needed? Or is it just another spin on the Truth?


Open Public Meetings

Wonder why they bothered sitting through the Open Public Meeting seminar. Oh, wait, I know. They got paid for it.

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The fire department is coming for your money and taking several avenues to get it.

Next week the ‘bond’ issue will be ready for public discussion, an estimated $24 million in extra revenue to buy all new vehicles, on top of the current annual $3.5 million Excess Levy

Now comes the devious deed.

The 2024 firefighters union voted to extend their contract for one year, altering only the Cost Of Living Allowance calculations. And by a 4-1 vote the commissioners approved.


Well, as the area property values have made double digit increases, and the flow of revenue will soon be dramatically rising, negotiating pay increases at the current level would appear greedy.

So the union leaders, in collusion with the Chief, has figured an end-run you will not resist.

First, hope you forgot the $3.5 million annual Excess Levy. Did you?

Second, prior to reaping the benefit of expected assessed value revenue increases, dupe the voters into passing an equipment levy to buy all new fire trucks and service vehicles.

Then, wait for actual revenue increase to be visible on the budget.

Result? When the assessed value revenue pours in, the books will look flush with extra money and they can negotiate a new contract that bilks the taxpayers with seemingly no immediate negative impact.

Heroes one and all.

Until the levies dry up and the district once again is stuck with skyrocketing wages and potentially declining revenues in the next housing crash.

But who will remember the tactics by then?

The truth giver Chief is betting you won’t.

And, even if you do, He will have been retired long before with his $340,000 parting gift.


Sold down the river by the Truth Giver.




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Are you still reading a printed newspaper?


Developed nearly 2 years ago, a process of using the daily newspaper to spread serum, altruistically to fight disease, was published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website.


Earlier this year and again last week, it was used in Sri Lanka.


We all know the government knows best, and is always looking out for our interests. How long before this happens in the US?


Or has it already happened?


A newspaper in Sri Lanka has saved lives be imprinting its pages with mosquito repellent to stop the spread of deadly dengue fever.


And if it can be used to spread the ‘cure’, will it be used to spread targeted outbreaks? Say of the Ebola virus?


Especially easy now that the government has invited the serum resistant Ebola virus to the United States.

From the World Health Organization,

“Ebola then spreads in the community through human-to-human transmission, with infection resulting from direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and indirect contact with environments contaminated with such fluids. Burial ceremonies in which mourners have direct contact with the body of the deceased person can also play a role in the transmission of Ebola. Men who have recovered from the disease can still transmit the virus through their semen for up to 7 weeks after recovery from illness.

Health-care workers have frequently been infected while treating patients with suspected or confirmed EVD. This has occurred through close contact with patients when infection control precautions are not strictly practiced.”–sri-lankan-paper-fights-dengue-with-mosquitorepellent-ink-9576020.html


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Does this meet the definition of a police state?


From an article at NBC News:


“Investigators are going door to door, asking to search every trailer and out-building in the mobile home park, and were halfway done with the sweep by Tuesday afternoon. They said they would request search warrants for all who don’t comply voluntarily.”



On what grounds?

Would a search warrant hold up?

Foremost, I do not consent to a search of my property or person. I do not waive my Fourth Amendment constitutional rights.

Second, I trust my family more than any police state employee.

However, as a courtesy and show of concern, we will do a thorough search of our private premises and let you know if the girl is here.

Any action to force your way onto or into my property will be met with resistance and legal action.

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After many trials, I think I have perfected the 1:30 scale model of a King Midget.

Check it out. It is all single thickness Bass wood except for the brad nail used for the Steering Column. It measures a mere 4″ long!


S1320008King Midget Model lll

S1320003With removable convertible top


2014-03-15 16.00.50

Earlier versions


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More higher taxes coming, unless we can rein them in.


Continuing my active involvement with governmental affairs, and keeping my promise to be vigilant of excess spending, I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed to the committee writing the voters statement in opposition of these tax increases.



From an email release sent out by Larry Phillips of the Metropolitan King County Council:

On February 10, the King County Council created the King County Transportation District, the separate taxing district that has the authority to generate revenue for transit, roads and other transportation projects.

The Transportation District Board unanimously sent to voters a proposal to raise revenue that would be directed toward Metro Transit bus service and County and city transportation projects, including roads.

The ballot measure will go before voters on April 22.  If adopted by voters, it would:

  • Increase the King County sales tax by 0.1 of a percent for ten years;
  • Establish a $60 vehicle fee;
  • Distribute 60 percent of the net revenues of the ballot measure to provide funding to maintain Metro transit service hours at current levels. If any funds remain after maintaining transit service hours, evenly split the remaining funds 50/50 between transit and unincorporated road purposes;
  • 40 percent would go to cities for transportation improvements and the county for unincorporated area road purposes allocated based on population;
  • Specify that the funds must be used for transportation improvement projects contained in the County’s, Cities’ or Puget Sound Regional Council’s approved transportation plans (as updated by the individual jurisdictions);
  • Establish a low-income rebate program that rebates $20 of vehicle fee for vehicle owners whose household income is less than 45 percent of the county’s median household income.

In summary, the Transportation District unanimously approved a resolution to place a ballot measure before the voters to decide if they want to fund the financial gaps facing Metro Transit service and local roads.  Without additional funding, Metro Transit faces service cuts of up to 17 percent and King County faces a roads maintenance funding gap of $115 million annually.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this update.


Larry Phillips, Chair

Metropolitan King County Council, District Four

King County Courthouse

516 Third Avenue, Room 1200

Seattle, WA 98104-3272


For more information:

To sign up for my eNews:



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Well, I am not going to break my arm doing so, but I can spend more money on other things rather than the starter. My ‘cheap’ fix is working out just dandy. The only time the car failed to start after doing the rebuild myself was when I accidentally sat on the alarm fob after getting into the car. There is a feature that disables the ignition until the fob is pressed again. My wife was in the middle of giving me that ‘look’ when I reactivated the system.

All is well again.

Now I need to tinker with other things.

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The next few days will determine if I am an adequate (cheap) mechanic.

For the past few weeks, it was a betting game to see if my car would start. Several times turning the key resulted in nothing. But I would keep at it and eventually it would start. Never got stuck anywhere, so dealt with it.

Recently a visit to the shop confirmed the starter was going bad and I needed to replace it. Cost: $250

Being cheap and somewhat mechanical, I decided to do a little research first.

If I wanted to replace it myself, it would be about $150 for a rebuilt one, a core charge and two trips to the auto parts store.

Then there was the $65 dollar rebuilt one on eBay, free shipping, no core charge.

It was getting better every day.

But more research revealed a YouTube video that talked about the most common failure being the contacts on the solenoid attached to the starter. And it was about a two hour fix for the home Do-It-Yourselfer at a parts cost of about $40, to which there was a link.

Did I mention I am cheap?

More looking found a seller on eBay offered the exact same parts for $13.75, with free shipping.

The arrived today. And it took me just over 2 hours to coax the starter off the car, rebuild the solenoid, reinstall it and get cleaned up. Started right up first time.

The next few days will determine. Did I get it avoid the repair shop for the price of a few lattes?

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